Christmas at the Niguliste Museum

The Niguliste Museum, a branch of the Art Museum of Estonia located in the heart of Tallinn’s Old Town, invites you to participate in its magical Christmas season.


Christmas at the museum has become a lovely tradition and marks the start of the winter holiday cycle at the museum. The Niguliste Museum will again surprise all of its visitors with Tallinn’s grandest Christmas tree. We will open the season at the Niguliste Museum with the presentation of the Christmas tree on Sunday, 25 November. The tree, designed by the decoration firm Shishi, will be at Niguliste Museum for the third year. On this occasion, the spruce is fancier than in the past and dedicated to the Estonian national centenary.

A festive holiday mood is created by the dignified medieval church, with its wonderful works of art. St Nicholas’ Church is dedicated to the saint who is the guardian of children and the initial model for Santa Claus.

You can admire the Christmas tree and enjoy the festive celebrations at the Niguliste Museum from 25 November 2018 to 9 January 2019.

The Niguliste Museum is offering a Christmas tree, museum tour, organ music, small surprises and a pleasant and delicious gathering in cooperation with Maiasmokk Café, and we look forward to welcoming groups of colleagues and friends to a special Christmas event: Christmas in Old Tallinn.

Have your Christmas party at Niguliste!

Christmas offer from the Niguliste Museum and Maiasmokk Café: Christmas Party in Old Tallinn