Christmas Party in Old Tallinn

Christmas offer from the Niguliste Museum and Maiasmokk Café


Enjoy the Christmas feeling at the Niguliste Museum and delicious flavours at Maiasmokk Café!

A formal holiday mood is created by the dignified medieval church, with its wonderful works of art. St Nicholas’ Church is dedicated to the saint who is the guardian of children and the initial model for Santa Claus. As early as the Middle Ages, St Nicholas Day in December was the traditional day for giving children gifts. In many parts of the world, it is still St Nicholas in his bishop’s robes who brings the presents at Christmastime. Stories from the beloved saint’s life are depicted on the magnificent altarpiece in St Nicholas’ Church, which was completed in Hermen Rode’s workshop between 1478 and 1481.

We look forward to welcoming groups of co-workers and friends to a special Christmas event! The Niguliste Museum is offering a Christmas tree, museum tour, organ music, small surprises and a pleasant and delicious gathering in cooperation with Maiasmokk Café. 

The package “Christmas Party in Old Tallinn” includes

  • Guided tour of the museum
  • A small gift
  • Dinner or lunch

Date: 26 November 2018 – 9 January 2019
Group size: 10–40 people
Languages: Estonian, English and Russian
The cost is €52 per person, depending on the menu
Organ music for an additional fee

Booking and information
Tel. +372 631 4330, +372 5343 1052