For travel angencies and guides

For travel agencies

The Art Museum of Estonia collaborates closely with various travel agencies. If you are interested in offering visits to the Niguliste Museum and other branches of the Art Museum of Estonia and taking advantage of our services, we would like to enter into a cooperation agreement with you.

To service our contractual partners faster and more easily, we have an e-booking portal to book tours, tour guides and additional services.

For information and to conclude a contract with us, please contact:

Piret Järvan

Head of Marketing and Services

For tour guides

Tours in the museum can be led only by certified tour guides who have passed an exam. A tour guide must have a Niguliste Museum guide’s ID badge in order to lead tours. In order to be certified, a guide needs to pass the licensing exam.

In order to prepare for the exam, we recommend using the Niguliste museum guidebook, available in Estonian, English, German and Russian (Kurisoo, Merike. Niguliste Museum. Tallinn: Art Museum of Estonia, 2015).

The oral exam lasts for about an hour. Once the exam has been successfully completed, the Niguliste Museum will keep on record a guide card for each tour guide to collect points based on the events they have visited (curator’s tours, lectures, guide trainings, etc.).

We need a photo and primary contact details for the card. The museum forwards contact data to travel agencies only with the tour guide’s consent.

The maximum size of a tourist groups is 20 people plus the guide.

The Art Museum of Estonia wishes to provide their guests with a pleasant experience. Please observe our code of conduct in order to preserve the treasures of the museum and to be considerate to other visitors.
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