Free Admission

On presenting the appropriate certificate

– Children 8 years old and younger
– Disabled, people who accompany a disabled person up to the age of 16, and people who accompany a disabled person with a profound disability
– Orphanage children
– Museum employees of the Estonian Republic
– ICOMOS, ICOM, AICA and EstSEA card holders
– Sally Studio Art School students
– Students of the Estonian Academy of Arts and the Art Department of Tallinn University
– History and art history students of Tartu University
– Art history students of the Institute of History of Tallinn University
– Students of the Tartu Art College
– Students of the Tartu Art School
– Students of the Faculty of Design at the Euro Academy
– Students of the Institute of Architecture and Urbanistics at the Tallinn University of Technology
– Journalists with press card
– Tallinn Card and WFTGA Cultour Card holders