Organ Festivals

Each year, a major organ festival, Tallinnfest B-A-C-H 2021, takes place in the Niguliste Museum, which is housed in a historical church that contains two wonderful organs: the main organ and the chancel organ. The artistic director of the festival is Professor Andres Uibo.

Tallinnfest B-A-C-H 2021

In 2021, Tallinnfest B-A-C-H 2021 send a heart-warming New Year’s greeting out to all the inhabitants and visitors of the capital city for the ninth year in a row. The Tallinn music festival, named in honour of J. S. Bach, emerged from the annual series of organ concerts that took place in the first week of January in the Niguliste museum in Tallinn. The coming festival will include organ concerts and musical evenings involving a number of choirs, orchestras, singers and instrumentalists. All concerts will take place in the nave of St. Nicholas’ Church and in St. Anthony’s Chapel, where the most famous work of art in Tallinn is currently displayed: Bernt Notke’s painting Dance of Death. During the festival, international musicians perform J. S. Bach’s oeuvre, together with the works of other composers.

Programme to be updated.