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Christmas Concert: Quinteto Arsis

Christmas Concert: Quinteto Arsis

Time: 27.11.19  19:00–20:00
Location: Niguliste Museum
Price: Museum ticket

Arsis Saxophone Quintet was formed in 1991. Being only a quartet for more than 20 years and trying to get a more complete and well-pitch sound they decided to grow as a quintet. Looking for interpreting a wider repertoire besides adding the fifth saxophone they also introduced some minor percussion instruments used simultaneously in Cuban traditional music (important part of their repertoire), these instruments are introduced in a subtle way only to embellish, emphasize and give a well-balanced color to conceived orchestrations toward the concert music perspective, achieving a seductive sound to the audience fond of this music style.

Arsis repertoire includes besides the Cuban traditional music, the concert music from the baroque period going to other periods, styles and genres to the most contemporary ones without discarding representative popular music genres from regions and countries with great musical traditions, like tango, samba, jazz and others very well arranged and played with virtuosity and sensibility.

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