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Four Monologues on the Subject of Saint George. An Attempt to Portray an Artist…

Four Monologues on the Subject of Saint George. An Attempt to Portray an Artist…

Time: 12.06.18–13.06.18  21:00–00:30
Location: Niguliste Museum
Price: 15–30 €

In Estonian

Dialogues and monologues based on the works of the painter Michel Sittow and the author Jaan Kross

Adapted by Donald Tomberg and Lembit Peterson
Director: Lembit Peterson
Set design and costumes: Mari-Liis Bassovskaja
Cast: Marius Peterson, Erik Ruus, Tarmo Song, Donald Tomberg, Anneli Tuulik, Ülo Vihma, Ketter Üksküla and Ene Salumäe (on the organ)
Sound design: Marius Peterson
Theatrical producer: Aive Sarapuu

Premiere on 11 June 2018

Performances to take place in the Chapel of Saint Anthony of the Niguliste Museum

How and why do we, if we do, need to speak of the artist Michel Sittow? And in the form of a performance, no less! Perhaps his works speak loudly enough for him; perhaps all sorts of assumptions about the artist’s life, thoughts and oeuvre are unnecessary and confusing.

Perhaps. Then again, perhaps not.

I was intrigued by the opportunity to portray the visual artist based on the monologues written by Jaan Kross. I pondered what gives us a more accurate picture of the man and his times: historical facts, which could be false, or an intuitive and artistic interpretation inspired by these facts?

To get at the truth, I think we need both.

How else can you get close to a person and the main impetus that drives him (consciously or not): in the name or who or what was and is he acting? To the past and present we have added a third dimension: eternity. You can get close to a creator through his creation.

Lembit Peterson

Tickets available HERE

11 June (Mon) premiere, 12 June (Tue), 14 June (Thu), 15 June (Fri)
13 August (Mon), 14 August (Tue), 15 August (Wed), 17 August (Fri)

All shows will start at 9 pm.

Additional information:
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