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“Gusli in Space”

“Gusli in Space”

Time: 30.11.18  19:00–20:15
Location: Niguliste Museum
Price: 15/12 €

Anastasia Fomina (ringing gusli)
Elizaveta Panchenko (organ)

“Gusli in Space” is a project dedicated to the duet of ringing gusli and organ.

The program “Gusli in Space” is a kaleidoscope of bright, diverse compositions that reveal the virtuoso potential of ringing gusli. In duet with organ that needs no introduction, gusli creates a sound unique in its acoustic characteristics and emotional impact.

Russian and European music in the dialogue of sonatas, concerts and genre miniatures. Through time and space, from the Baroque period to the present day, gusli and organ unite in the extraordinary consonance of early and contemporary music. Vivaldi, Bach, Berezovsky, Bortnyansky, Shakhanov, Bibergan, Panchenko.

Participants of the project “Gusli in Space”

Elizaveta Panchenko: composer, multi-instrumentalist, member of the St. Petersburg Union of Composers.
Anastasia Fomina: gusli player, teacher, prize winner of the Government of St. Petersburg.

Tickets from Piletilevi and Piletimaailm