The new glass lift and viewing platform at the Niguliste Museum

Closer to the sky! The new glass lift and viewing platform in the historic tower of the Niguliste Museum will open at the end of 2022. The lift will rise through three floors to the viewing platform, where the Old Town, Tallinn Bay and unique views in all four directions will be visible.


The lift and the viewing platform, which will soon be finished after extensive reconstruction, are unique in Estonia. Both were planned as early as the 1970s, when the historic church building, which had been damaged in World War II, was being restored. A shaft was constructed in the centre of the tower at that time, which has now allowed us to construct a unique circular and modern glass lift. Everyone, including those with special needs, can use the lift to reach the top of the tower. Alternatively, the reconstructed staircase can be used to move between the floors to examine the architecture of the tower and all its details at leisure.


The construction work will also introduce new elements into Niguliste Museum’s permanent exhibition. A brand new exhibition venue, i.e. the Higher Gallery, will be opened on the top floor of the Small Chapel. The gallery, which is inspired by traditional congregation balconies, offers the museum new opportunities: the two floors of the chapel can be used to exhibit the collection of medieval wooden sculpture of the Art Museum of Estonia.


The re-opening of the Niguliste Museum will be accompanied by a diverse lecture programme introducing the history of the views of Tallinn, its towers, church bells and the Niguliste Museum. On festive holidays, we will be inviting our neighbours to visit us: evening conversations will be held with the authors living in the Writers House on Harju street. Once a week, tours of the secret passages of Niguliste will take place, bringing the participants to locations that are hidden from regular visitors. Thanks to comprehensive reconstruction, these tours will also cover the tower’s stairs. The programmes of the Niguliste Museum for all education levels will also be updated.