Wood and Art. Methods of technical art history: wood analysis for interpretation of art works

16.-18. February 2015

The intensive seminar was concentratig on the possibilities and problems of the technical study of art works on wood or made of wood and the usefulness of such studies for the interpretation of these objects. The topics covered were: different methods of dendrochronology (invasive and non-invasive), lumberjack marks, other tool marks, construction of wooden panels, aging and conservation issues, etc.


Dr Aoife Daly, “Beyond chronology – stories from a world of wood”
Dr Alar Läänelaid, “Principles of dendrochronology and applications with some examples from Estonia”
Dr Aoife Daly, “Timber trade in Northern Europe – a tree-ring journey”
Dr Alar Läänelaid, “Dendrochronological dating of art items: experience in Estonia”
Dr Jørgen Wadum, “The metamorphosis of a tree into an altar or panel painting”

Additional links:

CATS list of references for Panel Making Techniques
Link to the online resource on Dutch measurements
Link to the Antwerp Guild regulations (1453-1576)
Link to the “The Liggeren and other Historical Archive Gilde Antwerp…” [Google Book]
Link to the Soundtoll Registers Online
Link to the Dr J.Wadum references and bibliography [pdf, bibliography about dendrochronology is marked yellow]

Dendrochronological dating workshop results:

Working group: Retable of the High Altar of St Nicholas’ Church1478-1481
Working group: Dendrochronology research to identify Lucas Cranach Elder works
Working group: Passion altarpiece. c. 1515–1520
Working group: St Anne Altarpiece, second half of the 15th century
Working group: The Altarpiece of the Virgin Mary, before 1493


Dates: 16.–18. February 2015
Venue: Niguliste Museum, Art Museum of Estonia, Tallinn
Target group: 
Students (PhD and MA level) and professionals dealing with cultural heritage, conservation, conservation science and (technical) art history. See requirements below.
Hosting institutions: Department of Conservation and Cultural Heritage, Estonian Academy of Arts; Art Museum of Estonia; Graduate School of Culture Studies and Arts (GSCSA)
Programme director: Dr Hilkka Hiiop (Estonian Academy of Arts/Art Museum of Estonia)
Programme manager: Dr Anneli Randla (Estonian Academy of Arts)
Student coordinator: Ms Heili Sõrmus (Estonian Academy of Arts) heili.sormus@artun.ee

Guest lecturers:
Dr Aoife Daly
(Centre for Art Technological Studies and Conservation – CATS),
Dr Alar Läänelaid
(associate professor (on landscape ecology), Dept. of Geography, University of Tartu),
Prof Dr Jørgen Wadum (Director of Conservation at Statens Museum for Kunst (SMK), Director of the Centre for Art Technological Studies and Conservation (CATS), Professor in Conservation & Restoration at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Amsterdam)


The event is supported by the European Union through the European Social Fund (Estonian Graduate School of Culture Studies and Arts) and Art Museum of Estonia.


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