For event organisers

The Niguliste Museum, which is located in a former medieval church, is best suited for concerts and cultural events, but is also suitable for conferences, seminars and presentations. You can also book a tour or an educational programme to go with your event.

The hall in the Niguliste museum

is spacious and multifunctional, suitable for cultural and academic events or concerts.
The room holds up to 280 visitors.

The St. Anthony Chapel

is best suited for cultural and academic events and concerts.
The room holds up to 100 visitors.

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Viia-Kadi Raudalainen

Administrative Manager

The Adamson-Eric Museum, another branch of the Art Museum of Estonia, is located in the vicinity of the Niguliste Museum, and both museums are suitable for organising receptions, seminars and workshops for smaller groups (up to 40 people). The Adamson-Eric Museum’s period courtyard can also be used seasonally. If you wish, events can be organised in both buildings simultaneously.

For event organisers. Adamson-Eric Museum