The Niguliste Museum is located in a former medieval church, where it houses medieval and early modern ecclesiastical art amidst medieval architecture. The exposition in the museum is the most significant and extensive collection of older church art in Estonia. Late medieval altarpieces and wooden sculptures can be enjoyed here in their historical context. The stars of the museum’s collection are the late medieval Danse Macabre by the master Bernt Notke and the grand retable of the high altar made in the workshop of the master Hermen Rode.

The Niguliste Museum also offers groups of pre-schoolers and schoolchildren an opportunity to admire the oldest art and cultural legacy preserved in Estonia. Educational programmes for children aim to supplement classroom lessons on history and art history in an authentic environment to reinforce acquired knowledge. For the youngest visitors, we have designed playful and creative museum lessons using active learning methods.

Museum lessons last for 60 minutes. Lessons can be booked in Estonian and Russian.
If you are interested in an English-language class, please get in touch with us and we will try to meet your needs.

A list of available museum lessons is available on our Estonian homepage.