Medieval Days. Ensemble Triskele 05/07/2024 | 18:00

Niguliste Museum

St Anthony’s Chapel


Medieval Days. Ensemble Triskele

Ensemble Triskele is a folk music group from Estonia – four men who share deep interest in folk hymns, early music and ancient rune singing.

The group’s lute and zither player Toivo Sõmer is an accomplished jazz performer; the flutist Heikki-Rein Veromann is an experienced folk singer and actor; percussionist Janno Mäe is recognised as an expert on traditional percussion instruments; singer Tarmo Tabas has long-term experience performing Gregorian chant in Tartu Catholic Church. Tarmo Tabas – vocals Heikki-Rein Veromann – flutes, bagpipes, jew’s harp, vocals Toivo Sõmer – lute, oud, mandola, zithers, vocals Janno Mäe – percussion, bells, zither, vocals

The factor unifying the members of Triskele is their keen interest in a variety of music traditions from all over the world, the influences of which can be found in the group’s performing style. Members of Triskele have participated in several Estonian early and folk music groups as well as international co-operation projects.

Since 1997 the group has released seven albums: in addition to Estonian folk hymns Ensemble Triskele has been inspired by the rich heritage of age-old folksongs and the music of European middle ages. In its compositions Triskele has brought together different singing styles and a variety of musical instruments representing both Estonian traditional music (zithers, mandola, bagpipes, jaw harp) and European early music (lute, oud, flutes, frame drum, bells).