The new glass lift and skydeck at the Niguliste Museum

Closer to the sky! The new glass lift and skydeck in the historic tower of the Niguliste Museum are open! A lift that rises through three floors leads to the skydeck, providing a unique 360-degree view of the Old Town and Tallinn Bay.

Admission with museum ticket purchased from ticket office or online.


The lift and the skydeck, completed as the result of extensive construction work, are unique in Estonia. Everyone, including people with special needs, can take the lift to the top of the tower. To get a closer look at the architecture and details of the tower, visitors can also move between floors along the restored staircase in the tower.

Architectural solution and design: KOKO architects
Interior architect: Liis Lindvere (KOKO architects)
Executed by: OÜ Tarrest LT

Video: Villu Plink (Art Museum of Estonia) and Kerttu Palginõmm (Art Museum of Estonia ‒ Niguliste Museum)


The construction work also brought changes to the Niguliste Museum’s permanent exhibition. As an update, a new exhibition space, i.e. the Higher Gallery, was opened on the top floor of the Small Chapel. The gallery, which is inspired by traditional congregation balconies, offers the museum new opportunities: the two floors of the chapel can be used to exhibit the collection of medieval wooden sculpture of the Art Museum of Estonia.

Hall graphics and solutions for the visually impaired: Priit Põldme (OÜ Joonprojekt)
Tactile model of St Nicholas’ Church: Mikk Meelak (OÜ Platvorm)
Permanent exhibition team: Tarmo Saaret (Art Museum of Estonia ‒ Niguliste Museum), Juhan Kilumets (OÜ Rändmeister), Merike Kurisoo (Art Museum of Estonia ‒ Niguliste Museum) and Kerttu Palginõmm (Art Museum of Estonia ‒ Niguliste Museum)
Designers of the permanent exhibition: Villu Plink (Art Museum of Estonia) and Liis Lindvere (KOKO architects)
Graphic designs for the permanent exhibition (labels and wall texts): Külli Kaats (Art Museum of Estonia) and Tuuli Aule (Art Museum of Estonia)


The re-opening of the Niguliste Museum is accompanied by a diverse programme of lectures to introduce the history of Tallinn’s cityscapes, towers, church bells and the works in the museum’s permanent exhibition. Among others, the authors who live in the Tallinn Writers’ House on Harju Street will participate in conversational evenings. Once a week, tours will be conducted of St Nicholas Church’s secret passages, which lead to places hidden from ordinary visitors and, after extensive reconstruction, also to the tower stairs. In addition, the Niguliste Museum’s educational programmes for all school levels are being renewed.

With the support of: Estonian Ministry of Culture, AS Merko Ehitus Eesti, Art Museum of Estonia Friends of Art Society, Aitan Lapsi Charitable Foundation, Reval Café and Tallink